COVID-19 Emergency Child Care

This site has been created to ensure that families have a place for their children to attend, if they meet certain qualifications, should the school year be ended early due to COVID-19.  Tier 1 and tier 2 families will only be charged for am/pm care, all other families that do not fit that criteria will be charged $30/day/child.  AM Care-drop off between 6:30-8 am will be charged $4/day/child.  PM Care-pick up between 2:30-5:30 pm will be charged $6/day/child.  We are unable to accept CCAP payments.  Families must fill in a credit or debit card at time of registration that charges will be charged to in advance.  Fees are due in advanced, invoices will go out on the Friday before care will provided.  If you no longer need care on a certain day please call before 8 am, so an adjustment can be made on your account.  If you do not call, by 8 am, to say your child will not be attending you will still be charged for the scheduled day.  Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, please call 444-7900 with questions.

Once registrations are received, registrations will be reviewed and accepted until capacity is met.  Families who are TIer 1 or Tier 2 will need to still provide a letter from employer.

School breakfast and lunch will be provided to those children attending during the regular school day.  An afternoon snack will be provided after 2:45 pm for those children still in child care.