COVID-19 Emergency Child Care

This site has been created to ensure that families have a place for their children to attend, if they meet certain qualifications, should the K-5 population be placed in a distance learning scenario.  

Tier 1 families will only be charged for before and after school day care if needed. AM Care-drop off between 6:30-8 am will be charged $5/day/child.  PM Care-pick up between 2:30-5:30 pm will be charged $10/day/child.

Families that do not fit the Tier 1 criteria will be charged $30/day/child.

Late pick up fees will apply at 5:31 pm ($1/minute).  We are unable to accept CCAP payments.  Families must fill in a credit or debit card at time of registration that will be charged.  Fees are due in advance, invoices will be billed on the Monday of each week, payments are pulled from accounts on Tuesday morning. Families may cancel their contract via voice message (444-7900) or inbox by midnight prior to Monday of each week. After the invoice has gone out, families are responsible for the week of care, no refunds will be given. Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, please call 444-7900 with questions.

Once registrations are received, registrations will be reviewed and accepted until capacity is met. Parents who are Tier 1 will still need to provide a letter from each employer, as both parents must qualify as Tier 1 to receive free child care during the school day 8am -2:30 pm.

School breakfast and lunch will be provided to those children attending during the regular school day. An afternoon snack will be provided after 2:45 pm for those children still in child care.

Click REGISTER or visit Owatonna.CE.ELEYO.COM to register your student.

Special Notes:  

  • The primary goal for Emergency Childcare is to provide a safe and enriching environment for our children. 

  • Students will bring their one-to-one devices to the care site. The daily schedule will revolve around students participating in and completing their distance learning activities.

  • In addition to distance learning, students will have choices for recess, structured station time to explore art, music, applied science, choice reading, story time and games that promote learning.

  • Care contracts will require the use of electronic payment. No charges will be assigned to any account until the first day of service. The care contract covers November 11 - December 4. Care contracts will be charged to cards for one week at a time.

  • Families may cancel their contract via voice message (444-7900) or inbox prior to midnight, the day before service is to begin. Cancellation dates are midnight on November 10th, November 15th, November 22 and November 29.  

  • Care contracts are submitted by families and approved by Community Education staff upon review for eligibility and available space.

  • Capacity (space and available staffing) may become an issue.  Community Education will process applications for Critical Sector/Tier 1 eligible families first, followed by first-come, first-serve for all other families until capacity is reached. Community Education reserves the right to waitlist enrollees once site capacity is reached  until suitable housing and staffing arrangements can be made. 

  • Beginning December 7th, Non-Tier 1 families qualified for free/reduced lunches will receive a 50% discount on the All-Day Care fee of $30. An application for meal benefits must be approved prior to the 50% discount being applied.

How to Qualify for Tier I Status:

Families with both parents, or in the case of a single parent household, employed in critical sector roles and needing emergency childcare, must be able to document their employment.  Parents will need to provide identification such as an employment badge, a security card, or a letter from the employer that indicates what critical sector they work in. Critical Sector/Tier I status will be reviewed as part of the care contract approval process.

Click REGISTER or visit Owatonna.CE.ELEYO.COM to register your student.